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Before I became a lawyer, I or members of my family encountered situations where legal assistance was required. Through these experiences, I gained firsthand knowledge of both positive and negative representations. This background shapes how I approach my clients' cases. Recognizing the significance of the outcome of each case, I prioritize...
3 months since inmate’s brutal death, Wayne Co. Sheriff mum on what went wrong
Inmate Claude Lewis recently deemed 'incompetent,' awaiting treatment at state psych hospital to face murder charges for Thomas Carr's death. DETROIT (WXYZ) — In the 110 days since an inmate was attacked—and later died—in the Wayne County jail, there’s a lot that hasn’t happened.
Wayne County Jail missed multiple red flags before inmate’s brutal death
DETROIT (WXYZ) — Wayne County Jail employees failed to heed multiple red flags involving an inmate now accused of killing his cellmate, including a warning that he suffered from mental illness and may harm others. Claude Lewis III is accused of brutally murdering his cellmate, Thomas Carr, on July 13th.

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