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I am deeply invested in my community because I have experienced firsthand the support and mentorship it provides. From my friends, church memebrs, neighbors, professors, and fellow students at the university to my family members, their lending hands have been instrumental in my accomplishments.
Chaldean American Bar Association Returns after Hiatus
The Chaldean American Bar Association (CABA) has risen from the ashes. A young and energetic board led by president Rita Soka has big plans for the future of the Chaldean legal community. CABA hosted its first event in January at the new restaurant and bar West End to kickoff its relaunch.
Alumna Hosts Private Fundraiser in Support of Power of One Bar Success Program
Rita Samir Soka '22 hosted a private fundraiser at her home in support of the Detroit Mercy Law Power of One program on September 14. The program helps graduates pass the bar exam on their first attempt by providing key preparation benchmarks and financial support.

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