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Successfully negotiated an offer with the Attorney General. Instead of revoking her nursing license, the nurse was able to continue practicing medicine by completing 6 credits of continuing education.

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Settled a contested divorce with 3 minor children, assets, and businesses in just 5 months! Only required 1 court hearing and 1 mediation session.

Family Law

Dismissed 4 felony charges at the 2nd hearing.

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  • Here at Soka Law, we understand that divorce, custody, support, or alimony cases can cause financial hardship; thus we offer a flat rate for certain proceedings. Call us today at 248-550-0990 to learn more about our flat-fee agreements.
  • Every marriage ends. For some, “til death do us part” is a realty. For others, they cannot wait that long. We understand the law and how to navigate the legal system. We provide a tremendous amount of information on Michigan divorce and support during this difficult time of your life. The application of the law is what we do best in helping our clients achieve their objectives. 
  • Although the decision to divorce may not be easy, the basic documents to file divorce in Michigan are not complicated. However, most divorce cases require particular attention. For example, while a short-term marriage with no children or nothing to divide might seem a basic form divorce, issues often arise like premarital assets, health of the parties, economic status, education, etc. Further, special consideration should be given to complicated cases that may involve long term marriage, children, premarital and marital assets, inheritance, business both parties own and contributed to its success, etc. 
  • Before you take any steps, call Soka Law Divorce Lawyer at 248-550-0990 . You do not have to make life change decision alone. Let us help you understand your rights and assist you navigate throughout this difficult stage of your life.

Child Custody
  • As a parent, your children are your top priority. That dedication doesn’t change if you and your partner decide to get divorced and struggling over child custody can be one of the most difficult parts of any separation. Out team of child custody experts can help you get the legal guidance you need to petition for child custody.
  • We understand the ins and outs of child custody and we view it as a priority. We want to make sure that you know we will make every effort to achieve your goals and protect the best interest of your child. 
  • Michigan courts can grant a parent sole or joint custody, depending on the child’s preference, emotional and physical needs and more. Further, it’s usually best for the child to have a strong, stable, and ongoing relationship with both parents unless their safety is threatened, then the court may order full custody to one parent.
  • As experienced child custody lawyers, we can provide you with the legal guidance you need and help you protect the well-being of your child and achieve your goals of protecting them.
  • Before you take any steps, call Soka Law Child Custody Lawyers at 248-550-0990. The last thing you want to do is endanger your child’s safety and best interest. Let us help demonstrate to the court your child’s best interest. Let us help you understand your rights and navigate you throughout this difficult stage of your life.

Child Support
  • Child support is a monetary payment made by one parent to the other to help with the care and custody of that child. If parents agree on the terms of child support, there’s no need to go to court—you and your spouse or significant other can settle behind the scenes. However, settlement is rare and most of the time one parent may believe the other is willing to settle but, to their surprise, controversy can arise very quickly. At that stage, you should hire an attorney that understands the legal process and can protect your child’s interest and your finances. 
  • The right amount of child support can make a difference in your child’s life and well-being. Our focus lays on the child’s best interest, while focusing on the stressful and critical financial decisions this may present.
  • We understand that this can be a stressful and a difficult process, but you don’t have to do it alone. We can help you prepare for a child support hearing, including practical tips and valuable insights into how to get the best possible outcome for your case and your child.
  • But if you find yourself in a position in which you can’t come to an agreement, you’ll have to head to a trial for a judge to decide. In most states, child support is based on only a few factors: your income, your spouse’s income, your child’s expenses and how much time each of you will spend with your children.
  • To learn more about child support, please visit the MICHIGAN CHILD SUPPORT FORMULA MANUAL and CLICK HERE TO CALCULATE CHILD SUPPORT

  • What is mediation? Mediation is a way to work your case out with the other party instead of having a judge make the decision. In mediation both parties meet with a neutral legal professional, mediator. The mediator will help you find solutions to your legal issues and work toward settlement, if possible. Your attorney helps guide this process throughout the way. 
  • In some divorce cases, mediation can help find common ground with your spouse when it’s hard to find your footing during a separation. 
  • Mediation is very different from a collaborative divorce. Both sides have separate lawyers, and there is little or no direct communication. With divorce mediation, the two spouses meet at the same time with an independent mediator. That mediator is specially trained to reconcile different views and help couples reach a mutually acceptable agreement.
  • Any agreement you reach through mediation is not legally binding on its own. It only becomes so once it’s incorporated into a final divorce decree that has been signed off by the courts.
  • To see whether mediation could be a good option for you, schedule a call Soka Law Lawyers at 248-550-0990 .

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