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Successfully negotiated an offer with the Attorney General. Instead of revoking her nursing license, the nurse was able to continue practicing medicine by completing 6 credits of continuing education.

Health Care Law

Settled a contested divorce with 3 minor children, assets, and businesses in just 5 months! Only required 1 court hearing and 1 mediation session.

Family Law

Dismissed 4 felony charges at the 2nd hearing.

Criminal Defense

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Medicare Part B Opt-Out

A growing number of healthcare providers have chosen to opt-out of Medicare. This means neither they nor their patients can receive Medicare payment for covered services. We can help guide you through the opt-out process, identify the implications of opting-out, legal advantages, legal disadvantage and concerns, and maintaining opt-out status.

Compliance Legal Consultation

Provide legal advice and guidance to healthcare professionals regarding compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards.

Compliance Audits

Conduct comprehensive audits of healthcare practices to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, identifying any potential compliance issues.

Compliance Program Development

Assist in the creation and implementation of effective compliance programs tailored to healthcare organizations, including policies, procedures, and training.

Compliance Investigations
  • Conduct investigations into alleged violations of healthcare laws or regulations, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and preparing reports.

Representation in Compliance Hearings

Represent healthcare professionals or organizations in compliance hearings, presenting arguments, cross-examining witnesses, and advocating for the client’s interests.

License Suspension and Revocation Proceedings

Handle cases involving the suspension or revocation of professional licenses, preparing legal strategies, gathering evidence, and presenting the case before administrative boards or licensing authorities.

Certification Suspension and Revocation Proceedings

Handle matters related to the suspension or revocation of certifications, such as medical board certifications or compliance certifications, presenting the case before relevant certification bodies.

Negotiations and Settlements
  • Engage in negotiations with regulatory bodies or opposing parties to seek favorable settlements or resolutions in compliance or disciplinary matters.
  • Compliance Training: Provide training sessions and workshops to healthcare professionals and staff members, educating them on compliance obligations, risk management, and best practices.
Regulatory Updates and Guidance

Stay informed about changes in healthcare laws and regulations, providing timely updates and guidance to clients to ensure ongoing compliance.

Contract Review

Review and analyze contracts related to healthcare services, including agreements with vendors, insurers, and regulatory bodies, to ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks.

Privacy and Data Security

Advise on privacy and data security matters, including compliance with HIPAA regulations and protection of sensitive patient information.

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Health Care Consultation
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