Rita Soka

Attorney and Adjunct Professor

Rita is an Arabic-speaking health care, family/divorce, and criminal defense lawyer.

Transition to Law and Academic Achievements:

After contributing as a clinician and healthcare validation consultant in Metro Detroit, Rita transitioned to law, earning her Juris Doctor from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, magna cum laude. During law school, she became a moot court board member, honing her advocacy skills in diverse legal areas such as criminal law, constitutional law, and civil rights law.

Federal Court Exposure and Legal Experience:

Rita gained valuable exposure to federal court in dual roles, serving as a neutral decision-maker and a client advocate. During her judicial externship with Judge Nancy Edmunds in the United States District Court-Eastern District of Michigan, she conducted legal research and drafted memoranda and court opinions.

Moreover, Rita dedicated her time to assisting pro se indigent clients, advocating for them in the federal pro se clinic in the United States District Court-Eastern District of Michigan. Notably, she achieved a favorable settlement for an employee in a Title VII action against her employer. Currently, Rita serves as a mediator in the Prisoners Early Mediation Program.

Cultural Challenges and Unique Perspective:

Throughout her professional and personal journey, Rita navigated obstacles such as acclimating to American culture while preserving her Iraqi identity and cultural traditions. This background provides her with a distinctive understanding and perspective on the legal challenges her clients face, and she remains attentive to their needs and objectives.

Government Representation and Legal Expertise:

Rita brings extensive experience representing cities, villages, townships, and other local government agencies in southeast Michigan. As general counsel and special counsel, she addressed a range of issues, including ordinance drafting and enforcement, contract procurement and administration, Open Meetings Act and FOIA compliance, special assessment procedures, intergovernmental agreements, and regulatory permits and approvals.

These diverse experiences have uniquely shaped Rita, enabling her to ardently advise and represent her clients in courts, before government agencies, and in private legal matters. Her understanding and relatability to clients’ struggles with life and legal challenges are grounded in this multifaceted background.

Healthcare Expertise and Compliance Background (10 Years):

In addition to her academic and legal achievements, Rita boasts a decade of invaluable experience in the healthcare sector. With a diverse skill set, she contributed significantly in various capacities. Rita served in the compliance department, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and ethical practices. Her meticulous approach as a validation consultant further underscored her commitment to maintaining healthcare quality and compliance.

Rita’s frontline involvement as a clinician allowed her to understand the intricacies of patient care firsthand, fostering a deep appreciation for the human aspect of the healthcare system. Notably, she also assumed the role of Medical Intern Director, overseeing and coordinating medical intern programs, thereby shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals.

This extensive background in healthcare positions Rita uniquely at the intersection of legal and medical realms, enriching her ability to comprehend the nuanced challenges faced by her clients. It further enhances her capacity to advocate zealously for their well-being, both in legal proceedings and healthcare matters.

Kaydence Marrogy

Legal Assistant

As a Legal Assistant at Soka Law, PLLC, she takes pride in facilitating clients' experiences with the legal system. She communicates with clients, provides clear explanations of legal processes, and ensures they are well-informed about court hearings through calendar invites. In addition to handling preliminary legal tasks and assisting with case preparation, she conducts limited factual investigations and drafts necessary documents. Clients appreciate her excellent communication skills, which extend to tasks like document collection and email correspondence, making their legal journey smoother.

Donika Dedvukaj

Legal Assistant

As a Legal Assistant at Soka Law, PLLC, Donika is bilingual and takes pride in ensuring a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience for clients. Her role involves effective communication with clients, offering clear explanations of legal procedures, and ensuring they are well-prepared for court hearings through calendar invites. In addition to managing initial legal tasks and aiding in case preparation, she also conducts limited factual investigations and drafts essential documents. Clients commend her outstanding communication skills, which extend to tasks such as document collection and email correspondence, ultimately contributing to a smoother legal journey for them.

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