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Successfully negotiated an offer with the Attorney General. Instead of revoking her nursing license, the nurse was able to continue practicing medicine by completing 6 credits of continuing education.

Health Care Law

Settled a contested divorce with 3 minor children, assets, and businesses in just 5 months! Only required 1 court hearing and 1 mediation session.

Family Law

Dismissed 4 felony charges at the 2nd hearing.

Criminal Defense


Health Care Law

With over a decade of health care experience, trust Soka Law to provide legal advice and guidance to healthcare professionals, preparing legal strategies and presenting before administrative boards or licensing authorities.

Family Law

We understand the law and how to navigate the legal system. We provide a tremendous amount of information on Michigan divorce. The application of the law is what we do best in helping our clients achieve their objectives.

Criminal Defense

Trusted Criminal Defense: Soka Law is your Detroit criminal defense attorney and ally in the complex realm of criminal justice. Trust us to vigorously represent your needs against governmental forces. #TrustTeamSokaLaw

Personal Injury

Our Personal injury lawyers at Soka Law specialize in handling cases related to various areas of personal injury including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents and more.

Rita Soka

Attorney and Adjunct Professor

Rita earned a Juris Doctor (JD), magna cum laude, from Detroit Mercy School of Law and a bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory science, summa cum laude, from Wayne State University. Before entering law, she worked in healthcare for 10 years.

Rita currently serves as the founder and the managing attorney at Soka Law, PLLC specializing in healthcare law, criminal law, and family law. Additionally, she is an adjunct professor at UDM, an alumni board member at UDM, and a committee board member at the State Bar of Michigan Health Care Law Section. Rita also dedicates time to her family, including her husband and three children.

Professional Affiliations


Rita Soka is a Board Member of the Detroit Mercy School of Law Alumni Association where she serves as a committee member for the Students Relations and Mentorship Committee. In this role, Rita dedicates her time to providing academic and career support to law students.

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